Monday, July 5, 2010

At the feeder

 The adults are getting a rare feeding of grain today. Usually after winter and they go on pasture, the grain stops.So they were very happy to get some good stuff today. They still are all so fat and I don't know how to get the weight off. Things are starting to get done here and I feel like I'm making some head way. I have to put up a little chicken coop on one end of my sheep barn for when my chickens come. Right now they are being raised by Laura (Psalm 23 farms) until they are big enough so I hope I have a little bit of time yet. I can't wait to have fresh eggs and good chickens in the freezer.

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Kathy in KY said...

Hi Linda - good to see you here. Thanks about not getting the job, but I just qualified for disability, so now have a steady income. Now, I'm spending a lot of time looking for a place to rent in Casey Co - mostly online searching, and getting information on landlords from a friend of mine who lives in Casey Co. I will probably be moving sometime in August, and hopefully it'll be to a place in the country, even if I do just rent a place, that'll be better than living in town any day! Glad to see everyone is happy at your place. Have a good Monday evening - what's left of it. Take care, from KY.