Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is Sammi. As you can see she's a Romney. I picked her up two Saturdays ago.She's almost a year and a half. She wasn't sheared yet when I got her so I thought I'd leave her for a few days until she  got use to her new home. Sunday was really, really hot and she looked so uncomfortable so I  thought I would start working on getting some of her fleece off. Shelly lives on a ridge with a valley on the bottom and a lot of wind goes through. It can really mess up a fleece so it took some time to get off. When I was done I found this tiny little girl under all that fleece. She still is not sure of herself here so when I feed her I put her in a stall with Wilson and Spalding because they let her have her fair share. She's the one in the middle and yes, she is that little. One more step to building my Romney side of the herd and she is a wonderful addition. Thanks Shelly.


Kathy in KY said...

Linda - more and more I am falling in love with Romneys. They are beautiful sheep. Sammi looks like a real sweetie, and I'm glad she can eat with Spalding and Wilson and not be intimidated so that she can get her far share. I wish we didn't live so far apart, or I'd get my starter sheep from you! Thanks for sharing your farm and animals with all of us. Take care, from KY.

sheeps and me said...

You get a farm Kathy and I will make sure you have some Romney lambs. Deal?