Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Days

I have had a lot of busy days it seems. I think everyone has this time of year. Trying to clean pastures and pens up, putting fencing up, taking care of Vanessa and her prolapse, banding little boys and fighting an ear tag infection. But things are under control for a little while, so it's back to introducing the rest of the herd. The next one is JC. She is the one on the right in my opening picture.She's also KC twin sister. She's also a registered Lincoln. My sheep are all sheared in case you guys are wondering. I'm just trying to pull up pictures of them in full fleece so you can see what the breed looks like. JC is my mild, layed back girl. She had one ram lamb last year that I kept. I DE-ram ed him though because I didn't want a lot of rams. I'll introduce him tomorrow. I have 15 adult sheep and 7 babies . So I have a lot of sheep. The couple that bought Jennifer's babies came up to visit them today. As everyone with lambs know they are not approachable until the moms start weaning them so they had to watch them from a distance. Then they become your best friends. I wish they wouldn't grow so fast. Wilson, one of Vanessa's boys has an ear tag infection so I have been putting peroxide on it every day . He is getting use to being handled ofen and he discovered that the back rubs really feel pretty good .So he's not afraid of me. Temps have been in the 90's the last few days with high humidity and I'm afraid of fly strike. I have to really have to watch Vanessa for fly strike too. Her prolapse is out a good 6 inches and the harness will not hold it in. I wash her every other day and I spray her with screw worm spray twice a day to keep the flies off. Does any one know if I can use pin tar on a rectal prolapse? Well....that's it for the day

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The fuzzy little dark one is Tamarra, KC's daughter.She looks like a little mess doesn't she? She is a registered Lincoln and she tries so hard to act like a little lady but fate gave her the tom boy gene. She can out run and out jump any of the boys (whethers} I have. If there is a puddle of water out there she doesn't go around it like everyone else,you'll find her jumping around in it. When it comes to the hay feeder that you see behind her,she goes for comfort when she eats. She jumps right in it and lays down and eats. See why she looks like a mess? I love her to pieces though. I think I really have a strange group of animals here. I can never go into the pen and not have at least one good laugh.Especially with Tamarra.{See little Oliver in the back ground?} Short post tonight because it's past this old lady's bedtime. Haven't decided who I will put on tomorrow. There are a lot more to do. Until tomorrow.......

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boy,we go from 50 degrees to 90 degrees today.It was to hot out today to do anything so my work had to be put on hold until I have off on Wednesday. On to the introduction of my small herd. This is KC. She is a registered Lincoln Long wool and she's 3 years old. She is the one on the left in my opening blog page. Her sister JC is on the right. They are 4 months old in that picture. I took this when I took her coat off to get sheared . She's the only one that kept her long facial dreadlocks this year. I got a wagon load of hay in November that was full of burdock. Not a fiber sheep's best friend. So I ended up doing a lot of cutting of face and neck fleece. She had her first baby at the age of two but I did not breed her this fall. She had a gray ewe by the name of Tamara which I kept. I will introduce you to her tomorrow. She ended up giving me 21 lbs of very nice fiber. Her average length was 13 inches. She's beautiful isn't she. And that's it for me until tomorrow.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Last Mom

This little girl is Leslie. I call her my Shetland type sheep because she's small like a Shetland. I thought for sure she was going to have triplets because she was so wide. She ended up having twins. A boy and a girl. He weighed almost 15 pounds and she weighed 7 pounds . That explained why Leslie was so wide. I swear they are the reincarnation of a married couple. As soon as she was born she started yammering and she wasn't quiet until the little boy answered. He can't leaver her side, even today or she yells at him until he comes back. And they are always talking to each other. It's kind of spooky to me. Any way......he has a black nose and black feet and she has a pink nose and white feet and a very sharp voice when he walks away. That poor little boy. I'm wondering if she is going to let me band he of if she's going to holler at me too. They don't have names yet so if anyone has any ideas you can pass them on for consideration. Next you'll get to meet the rest of the herd.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jennifer's Babies

Jennifer is my big,tall,stately Lincoln. She stands almost a whole hand above the other Lincolns. And she throws beautiful babies. Log legged babies. Her babies were sold to Tom and Joanne even before they were born. I'm thankful she gave birth with no problems. The new owners named the little girl Daisey and the little boy is Ba Ba white sheep. They were hoping that one of the Lincoln's would have a black baby because they wanted to name him Ba Ba Black sheep. No body wanted to give me colored this year. All white. Seeing as how we have a "Daisey" I found this daisey and I knew that little girl just had to have it. And I just had to have a picture of her wearing her Daisey to send to Tom and Joanne. So that's the picture of the day. Tomorrow you will see my last mom, Leslie.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Introducing The other Babies

After Chelsea had Little Willie there was a three week gap and finally more babies.Vanessa my black Lincoln had twin boys. That poor girl really went through a lot to have her babies too. She had vaginal prolapse. The harness did not work on her like it did on Chelsea. Dr. Bill had to come and put a stitch in her to hold her in. And if that wasn't enough, she prolapsed rectally. So Dr. Bill had to put a stitch in that area also. He thought she was close to being due so he gave her a shot to induce labor. He said she would give birth in 36 hours. He was right on the money.I'm glad I was home when she went into labor because I had to cut the stitches so she could give birth. He also thought that after the babies were born things would be better for her. He was not right on that one. He ended coming back the next day and stitching her up again. This was all caused because the breeder I got her from docked her tail to short. She has no tail at all. Things like this are really going to make me look at a sheep a lot better before I buy any more. She has no muscle control in her rectum any more and he thinks she will not get it back. Why do people do this to animals? He suggested that she might have to be put down too but I'm going to try to devise a harness to hold her in. She did have two beautiful white baby boys though. They are three weeks old today and they are doing very well. They bounce around so much .They reminded me of basket balls because of all the bouncing around they do so..... they got the names Wilson and Spalding. As for mom, I think she is doing a lot better. I am starting to get some hope up.Tomorrow I will introduce you to Jennifer's babies.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Tribute to Oliver

Oliver came to me two years ago. He was a sweet goat.He was my only goat.He loved everything and everybody.He was also a special needs goat. He went through so much in his short life.He spent a lot of time with Dr. Bill. He was in Madison and then he went to Michigan for medical treatments.The treatments lasted for a short while then the problem returned.Nothing could really be pinpointed as to what was really wrong.He had a lot of trouble walking after a while.Saturday he could not walk at all.He was just kind of crawling to the pasture to be with the other girls. Sunday he was the same way.Monday and Tuesday he was up for a little while but come Tuesday night I could hear him crying in pain. I went out twice to give him some aspirin to take away some of the pain but I knew then it was time to let him go.Dr. Bill came out this afternoon and Oliver peacefully left the world. It was so hard to do.I know it was the right thing but I still question it.I hope I gave Oliver a good life here.Rest in peace my good little goat.You will be missed greatly.