Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Tribute to Oliver

Oliver came to me two years ago. He was a sweet goat.He was my only goat.He loved everything and everybody.He was also a special needs goat. He went through so much in his short life.He spent a lot of time with Dr. Bill. He was in Madison and then he went to Michigan for medical treatments.The treatments lasted for a short while then the problem returned.Nothing could really be pinpointed as to what was really wrong.He had a lot of trouble walking after a while.Saturday he could not walk at all.He was just kind of crawling to the pasture to be with the other girls. Sunday he was the same way.Monday and Tuesday he was up for a little while but come Tuesday night I could hear him crying in pain. I went out twice to give him some aspirin to take away some of the pain but I knew then it was time to let him go.Dr. Bill came out this afternoon and Oliver peacefully left the world. It was so hard to do.I know it was the right thing but I still question it.I hope I gave Oliver a good life here.Rest in peace my good little goat.You will be missed greatly.


Kathy in KY said...

Linda: I'm so sorry to hear about your losing Oliver. I know that you gave him a good home. He is sure a beauty. I can see why you picked the Lincolns and Romneys to raise - wonderful looking sheep. I'll pray for you if you don't mind to help ease your pain a bit, I hope. Thanks for sharing this heart-felt post. Take care of yourself and your sheeps. Luv and Hugs from KY.

sheeps and me said...

Thanks Kathy-he was special and it hurt to lose him.Did you find a farm yet? Hurry up so you can post a blog on Romneys,then we'll both be able to help each other with big sheep problems.I'm new to this and I guess I have more problems than I expected to with sheep.

Kathy in KY said...

Linda: it'll be a while before I can get my farm. I'm hoping to get a job at a small Christian college library in Columbia KY, I've got an interview on Tuesday. If I get the job, I'll move there and have to live in town for a while and save up some money. Or, the guy I will rent from may have some property in the country that I can rent in the future when I can get back on my feet. I'll keep you posted. Again, I'm sorry you had to let Oliver go, but it sounds like it was for the best. I'm glad he had a good life with you. Take care and I'll be in touch. Hang in there, you'll get this sheep-thing down in no time flat.