Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My gosh- I can't believe it has been over a year since I have posted. So much has happened in that year. I think last summer and fall were the worst I have had in along time. With the economy being down and only working 3 days a week I guess it kinda got me in a down mood. I'm sure a lot of people felt the some way at times. Wondering how things were going to get done and wondering how I was going to pay for things. Saving a little here and a little there for my winter hay I was finally able to get that. Only to find that it had been rained on and 3/4 of it  was full of white mold. I had 30 sheep to feed and no hay  and no more money to buy more. The guy I bought it from would not replace it and besides, he said he had no more. I had to make a hard choice and I had to sell  most of the sheep I had so that I could feed the ones I kept. I sold all but 9. It was a hard choice as to who was to go on to new homes and who would stay. I had 4 I had to take to the auction barn, which broke me heart because I thought they were all going to go to slaughter, but it turned out that three went to a fiber home. Leslie's little boy was bought by an Asian man. I knew what that meant. I  will never take another lamb to an auction barn again. I felt that I sent him to a very horrible death. But any way, things are a little better this year and I have to find a way for my sheep to start paying for their keep. Which means selling fiber, yarns and babies. This winter WILL be better and I told myself that there will only be positive  spirits  in my house this coming year.