Friday, July 16, 2010

Fluffy Pillow


Just couldn't resist posting this picture. This is Leslie's little boy using mommy's butt for a pillow. He was sound asleep but he must have heard me come into the pen. The picture on the right(not a good one is it?) shows his little horns. I don't know where he got them from. The Lincolns don't carry horns so maybe they come from the Mom's side? I really don't know what breed she is so I just call her a Shetland type.He did have soft little horns to start out with and they fell off but now they are growing back in very solid. So, do you think he will have horns? Tomorrow I will introduce you to my grumpy, gray Romney ewe. I still haven't finished doing that. Until tomorrow........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is Sammi. As you can see she's a Romney. I picked her up two Saturdays ago.She's almost a year and a half. She wasn't sheared yet when I got her so I thought I'd leave her for a few days until she  got use to her new home. Sunday was really, really hot and she looked so uncomfortable so I  thought I would start working on getting some of her fleece off. Shelly lives on a ridge with a valley on the bottom and a lot of wind goes through. It can really mess up a fleece so it took some time to get off. When I was done I found this tiny little girl under all that fleece. She still is not sure of herself here so when I feed her I put her in a stall with Wilson and Spalding because they let her have her fair share. She's the one in the middle and yes, she is that little. One more step to building my Romney side of the herd and she is a wonderful addition. Thanks Shelly.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My New Babies

My new additions finally stood still long enough for me to take pictures of them.The white one on the left is a little cross bred ram. When you look at him in real life he looks like a tiny Alpaca. Wonderful fiber and wonderful personality. His name is So What. And his name fits him. So what if that sheep is bigger than me. I can still give her a kiss. So what if  that water dish is bigger than me, I can still walk in it.So what if that feed pail is bigger than me, if I do it right I can wear it on my head like a hat. So you see, his name fits him. The brown one on the right is little Sophie. She's a natural colored Romney with wonderful fleece. Her color will be a great addition to my flock. She's a little on the timid side yet but she is learning the ropes. She knows that as soon as I come out in the morning the gate comes open and all the babies get to come out. Right to the garage they head and they snoop around while I get the feed ready. She now is the first one out and standing by the grain bin. Someday soon I hope she will come up on her own for scratches. The next one I got from Shelly is a white Romney ewe named Sammie. I'll have to post her picture tonight because off to work I have to go. What a rude interruption of my day. Quite alright though because I get to make cheese. Until tonight.....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Delivering Sheep

My last two Saturdays have been spent delivering sheep to Asylum Farms for a friend. The first to go up were a Romney Ram and a Lincoln Ram. I must say that these guys were very well behaved since I use my sheep hauling van to pick up and deliver animals. This Saturday I took up a colored Lincoln ewe and her 4 babies. I also brought home for me a Natural colored Romney ewe lamb and a white Romney ewe to add to my herd. I will post pictures of them when it stops raining and I can get some good ones. I got to watch Shelly's dog Bubba in action with the sheep. What an amazing thing to watch. With just one word or a small motion with her hand she could get him bring the sheep she wanted right to us. I can see why so many large sheep operations use sheep dogs. They are really worth their weight in gold. I thought I'd be home in time to get some work done here but I followed a thunder storm almost all the way home. So nothing outside got done. This morning it was nice so  I knew I had to get my grass cut. When you can't even see the ears on the rabbits that live here, you know it's time to cut. I also had to go in and cut some of my pastures. I lost all the sheep this morning. I knew I had them up in the top pasture but I didn't see them. I knew they didn't get out because if they did they would  be on my patio or in front of the garage door. They don't go anywhere. Talk about panic.I couldn't see them anywhere. So I stood out there and hollered " HEY GIRLS" as loud as I could and what do I see? A bunch of  white ears all of a sudden pop out of the grass.  So that pasture got cut down this morning. It seem that if things get to high for them they won't eat it. We have been getting so much rain and the temps have been in the high 80's for so long that everything grows  so fast. The tomato's really love it. I have 3 red ones on the vine I can pick.  The weather man said I was going to wake up to rain Monday morning again  so that means I can do more spinning. That's it for tonight.

Monday, July 5, 2010

At the feeder

 The adults are getting a rare feeding of grain today. Usually after winter and they go on pasture, the grain stops.So they were very happy to get some good stuff today. They still are all so fat and I don't know how to get the weight off. Things are starting to get done here and I feel like I'm making some head way. I have to put up a little chicken coop on one end of my sheep barn for when my chickens come. Right now they are being raised by Laura (Psalm 23 farms) until they are big enough so I hope I have a little bit of time yet. I can't wait to have fresh eggs and good chickens in the freezer.