Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jennifer's Babies

Jennifer is my big,tall,stately Lincoln. She stands almost a whole hand above the other Lincolns. And she throws beautiful babies. Log legged babies. Her babies were sold to Tom and Joanne even before they were born. I'm thankful she gave birth with no problems. The new owners named the little girl Daisey and the little boy is Ba Ba white sheep. They were hoping that one of the Lincoln's would have a black baby because they wanted to name him Ba Ba Black sheep. No body wanted to give me colored this year. All white. Seeing as how we have a "Daisey" I found this daisey and I knew that little girl just had to have it. And I just had to have a picture of her wearing her Daisey to send to Tom and Joanne. So that's the picture of the day. Tomorrow you will see my last mom, Leslie.


Kathy in KY said...

Hi Linda: Love the pix of the babies. Daisey looks great and very cute. I like their matching shirts. And Jennifer DOES look big, and long-legged - but a beauty all the same. Thanks for posting your pix. Take care.

sheeps and me said...

Thanks for the web site on the Romneys Kathy.I haven't had a chance to go on yet because I was gone all day.Good luck on the interview and if you think positive you WILL get the job.