Friday, May 21, 2010

Introducing The other Babies

After Chelsea had Little Willie there was a three week gap and finally more babies.Vanessa my black Lincoln had twin boys. That poor girl really went through a lot to have her babies too. She had vaginal prolapse. The harness did not work on her like it did on Chelsea. Dr. Bill had to come and put a stitch in her to hold her in. And if that wasn't enough, she prolapsed rectally. So Dr. Bill had to put a stitch in that area also. He thought she was close to being due so he gave her a shot to induce labor. He said she would give birth in 36 hours. He was right on the money.I'm glad I was home when she went into labor because I had to cut the stitches so she could give birth. He also thought that after the babies were born things would be better for her. He was not right on that one. He ended coming back the next day and stitching her up again. This was all caused because the breeder I got her from docked her tail to short. She has no tail at all. Things like this are really going to make me look at a sheep a lot better before I buy any more. She has no muscle control in her rectum any more and he thinks she will not get it back. Why do people do this to animals? He suggested that she might have to be put down too but I'm going to try to devise a harness to hold her in. She did have two beautiful white baby boys though. They are three weeks old today and they are doing very well. They bounce around so much .They reminded me of basket balls because of all the bouncing around they do so..... they got the names Wilson and Spalding. As for mom, I think she is doing a lot better. I am starting to get some hope up.Tomorrow I will introduce you to Jennifer's babies.


Kathy in KY said...

Hi Linda: Wilson and Spalding are beautiful babies, and Chelsea is a pretty girl. I had no idea there were black Lincolns. I'm sorry you had so much trouble with her prolapsing. When I worked at the Univ of KY swine reasearch unit, we would have a lot of rectal prolapses because it was a confinement system with a lot of dust, and the pigs would get to coughing really bad and cause the prolapse. I hope that things work out OK for Chelsea, and the harness you're going to devise. It would be a shame to lose her, she such a beauty. I'm anxious to see your other babies. Take care.

Kathy in KY said...

Hey Linda - It's me again. If you're interested, there is a Yahoo Group called Romney Sheep which may be a good place to learn and also share, and also go to with any problems that you are having, and also if you just have questions about your sheep. Here is the link to the Romney Sheep group home page.

From what I've read on there, and with some of the questions I've asked, they are extremely helpful and friendly, and are ready to help in any way they can. Just a thought. Looking forward to seeing Jennifer's babies tomorrow. Take care.