Friday, April 16, 2010

And The Wait is Over

Meet little Willie. He is 3/4 Lincoln and 1/4 Romney. He really had a tough time coming into the world. His mom prolapsed a week before he was born. Laura from Psalm 23 farms came over at 9:00 at night and put her uterus back in and put a harness on her. She has been such a help.I sometimes wonder what I would do if she wasn't so close. I have 3 more sheep to go and then it will be over.After reading all the other blogs and hearing of all the rams verses ewes this year I sure hope I have some ewe lambs. I had the rest of the herd sheared on Wednesday and will try to post some pictures to introduce you to my outside family.I'm still trying to figure out how to get things to go where I want on this blog thing.


Kathy in KY said...

Hi: I just found your blog this early morning. I'm thrilled to find someone who raises Romneys. I am in the beginning stages of finding a place in the country here in KY to raise sheep, and Romney is my first choice since there is a market here with fiber artists. How difficult has it been for you working with your Lincolns and Romneys as far as their size? I will be doing all of the work raising them myself, and I am a 46 yr old single gal. It's so great to see your blog - I look forward to hearing more of you adventures in sheep-world.

sheeps and me said...

Hi Kathy,I'm glad to finaly here from some one that raises larger sheep.I chose Lincolns because I love the long shiney fiber and I chose Romney because of their dense,long fiber.I am learning to handle them pretty good now. My shearer taught me how to set them on their butt to do hooves and both breeds are pretty hardy (the Romney more so than the Lincolns) so they don't need much care. I haven't been doing much on my blog yet because I haven't figured out how to operate it yet.I am getting help from a friend later this week so hopefully I can post what I want to then.Let me know how your ventures go and good luck.

Kathy in KY said...

Hi Linda: I just found a Yahoo group about people that raise Romneys. There is a gal I've been emailing with on the group who raises Blue Faced Leisters, and I believe she is doing some crossbreeding with her Romneys to get the best fleece. I'm still in the works of looking for a place, but just yesterday applied for a job at a small Christian college in the area I want to live SW of Lexington KY where I now live. So I'm hoping to get the job or at least an interview, then move down there. It's very rural, and seems to have a lot of small farms. There is a big Amish community as well in that area. Good luck with figuring out your blog - I know that I am still learning a lot on mine, which is pretty boring at the moment! LOL. Hope you are well. Take care.